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Hi there...

I’m Marie McLeod, a positive psychotherapist, qualified social worker, adhd & mental health coach, speaker, wellbeing educator and founder of Need To See Someone, Thriveability, and creator of the BEACON framework.


I’m so glad you’re here. 


You can watch my full story in the video, or read all about it below.

The Full Story

Thank you for your bravery in taking the first step to feeling better. I know it’s not easy to put your hand up and say you’re struggling or, to seek help. 


I get it, I've been there too. In the early years of parenting my three beautiful children, I was depressed, anxious and felt achingly alone.

You see, as well as being the lights of my life, all of my three beautiful kids are diagnosed with ADHD, one has autism and another severe dyslexia. So we’re a neurodivergent bunch!

As you can imagine, in the middle of diagnosing and dealing with all of ‘that’, we ALL needed to see someone…In fact, we saw a lot of people!  Psychologists, relationships counsellors, paediatricians, psychiatrists – you name it, we saw them!  But there was an unsettling theme I noticed in seeing all of these professionals. The focus always seemed to be on what was ‘wrong’ with us, rather than what was strong with us.

Our discussions were so often about the deficit, the dysfunction and the disorder and how we needed fixing. 


Now, as a qualified social worker, I have to admit I used to work like that too. 


But since then, I've discovered new ways of helping myself, my family, and many others, to thrive.

My coaching is based on positive psychology and wellbeing science and using this to help people thrive despite struggle.

Is coaching right for you?

Wondering if coaching is right for you? Read on.


By working with me or one of my associate coaches you'll be getting practical, evidence-based advice on ways to turn your life around


We will help you look forward not back. There will be no fluff or navel-gazing... We will get straight to the heart of the matter. 


We will listen to where you are now, where you want to be, and give you the tools, tactics, and accountability you need to get there.  


Our process is gentle but respectful of both of our time.

Through a nurturing space and powerful, persistent, and practical nudges, you’ll be moving from a mode of survival to thriving.


What makes me so confident about our future success together? 


Amid the madness of 2020, my coaching approach was featured in the filming of the documentary ‘How to Thrive’.

Over the course of several months, I coached 10 people who had serious struggles, all being watched by the cameras, and supervised by Dr. Peggy Kern (a researcher at The University of Melbourne). 

The results surpassed even my expectations – and I’m a high-hoper.


Using my BEACON Framework, we successfully taught all participants how to thrive, even under the pressure of being filmed and all in the midst of the pandemic. 


Dr. Kern said “It’s been amazing and inspiring to see BEACON coaching make a significant difference to the lives of participants. The data really speaks to the impact the program has had upon both participants and others that they are connected to.”   


You see, when we change our own lives, we also positively impact those around us. So, what are you waiting for?

We’d love to help you move from wherever you are now to wherever you want to be in the future. 

Still not sure? Perhaps our FAQs might help
  • What is Positive Psychology Coaching and how is it different?
    It’s based on research and the understanding that the absence of unhappiness does not mean happiness. First, let’s explain what Positive Psychology is. Positive psychology is a relatively new branch of psychology that conducts scientific inquiry into the factors that help individuals, communities and organisations THRIVE (Peterson, 2008). The focus is on evidence based tools for growing and proactivity building a life of thriving. At Need To See Someone we use Positive Psychology, we focus on finding and building strengths, helping our clients to laser in on what's strong, rather than what's wrong. We want people to move beyond functioning and toward flourishing. We support people when their mental health has become sub optimal. This is our area of speciality – helping people thrive despite struggle. For example, you may be living with grief, depression or chronic health conditions but it is still possible to work on feeling and functioning better despite those struggles. Your struggle need not define or confine you.
  • What can you expect?
    Needtoseesomeone coaching is focused on building and maintaining a plan for thriving. We provide Positive Psychlology Coaching (PPC) which leverages the evidence based tools of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Appreciative Inquiry. PPC is offered proactively to build confidence, mood, energy or motivation. PPC is also offered reactively when a client is struggling or experiencing adversity. Our coaches have deep experience and measurable success in supporting clients at all stages in the mental health continuum, enabling them to thrive. PPC differs from traditional psychology and therapy practices through its focus on the ‘here and now’, supporting the development of mindsets and behaviours occurring in the present to generate positive change for the future. It aims to build capabilities for flourishing over just functioning. Coaching is not a magic bullet, it won’t work unless you work at it. Just as we need to maintain our physical health and fitness, we need to maintain our mental fitness. Think of us as a Personal Trainer for your mind – you will be nurtured and nudged to make the changes you need to make. We see coaching as a gift, an investment in YOU, helping you realise your full potential in all domains of your life. It also a gift to those around you – your children, partner, work mates. Wellbeing is contagious – when you shine, they shine.
  • What can I expect in the first session?
    In the first session we will get to know each other, discover your hopes for yourself and the challenges you’re facing. We will agree on a game plan, give you a link to take your strengths survey and suggest some practices for you to begin applying as quick wins toward your goal.
  • I’m a bit nervous about taking the plunge to see someone can you reassure me?
    Our coaches are not only good at what they do but they’re really approachable, down to earth people who are easy to connect with. They’re super friendly and will put you at ease within minutes of meeting you.
  • I’m really busy, why would I bother with coaching?"
    “Those who think they have no time for looking after their health, will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” Revised quote from Edward Stanley
  • Should I keep seeing my psychologist or other mental health experts?
    Yes, we see our coaching as complimentary to, rather than as a replacement of clinical and medical support for your metal health.
  • Who do you NOT see as clients?
    We coach people who are struggling with aspects of their life or with mild to moderate mental health challenges. We don’t provide clinical psychology and we are not qualified to deal with people with severe mental health distress. If you are experiencing mental illness or trauma you may need to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. You can get a referral from your GP and within Australia, you can serach for a psychologist on the link below:
  • What qualifications do your coaches have?
    Our team are University qualified in social work or psychology and in positive psychology.
  • Do you give medicare or health insurance rebates?
    No, we are not set up for this but our commitment is to keep our prices affordable. If you are experiencing hardship please let us know as we may offer a reduced fee.
  • How long does will it take for me to feel better?
    Our clients often tell us they make change FASTER with our coaching than they have with anything else they’ve tried. Sometimes with as few as 3 sessions. We see most of our clients for 3 months and then monitor their progress monthly for a few more months to help them stay on track.
  • How often do I need to see someone?
    We suggest you see one of our coaches weekly for the first month, fortnightly for the second and third month, then monthly for 3 months.
  • What if I can’t attend my appointment?
    We know life gets in the ways sometimes. Contact us 24 hours prior and we will change your time free of charge.
  • Do you do in person sessions?
    For now, we are only offering online sessions via zoom. We have found this to be as successful as face to face and in the busy world we all live in, it’s time efficient for all. If you have a special need for face to face please contact us.
  • What if it doesn’t feel right for me?
    We know that the fit between coach and client matters as much as the approach. If after the first session you’re not feeling it, let us know and we will happily refund your fee. This makes it a no risk proposition right? So, what are you waiting in to seesomone now
Let's Work Together

Let’s Work Together

Book a session or reach out with any questions. Our mission at Need To See Someone is to help people like you learn to thrive. It’s our passion and our reason for being. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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