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ADHD Coaching - 
From Chaos to Calm

The way we see it, ADHD is a difference not a deficit.

It’s a neurodiversity that when well understood and managed, can be a blessing and not a curse.

Marie knows this from experience. She lives with ADHD – her 3 children, many of her closest friends and colleagues have “bee's in the brain.”

They’re brilliant, creative, resilient, fast, zesty... and she wouldn’t want it any other way. But, there’s a flip side, right?!


The chaos, anxiety, confusion, fear, and failure that can come when scattered minds are not scaffolded. Chances are you know that feeling only too well if you're someone, or love someone with ADHD?  We're here to help. 


Fusing my professional wisdom with your personal experience of ADHD. We will focus on improving your mood, motivation, confidence and progressing toward your personally valued goals

Here's how our ADHD Coaching works:

  • You’ll be supported to discover the goals that matter most to you.

  • Together we will develop a roadmap to your goals.

  • You’ll receive a personalised “script” of goal related actions.

  • You'll discover your strengths and we'll harness them to reach your goals.

  • You'll learn evidence based ways for feeling good and functioning well despite your neuro diversity.

  • You’ll learn to work with the way your brain is wired.

  • We'll help you and others in your life, to bring out the best in you.

  • You’ll get accountability nudges between sessions, making it more likely you'll progress.

Our ADHD coaching style is different but complimentary to seeing a psychologist. Together, we’ll focus on what’s strong rather than what’s wrong, and no matter where you're at on the struggle scale, we can start with where you’re at right now.

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